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Celebration Main Campus – Cafe Addition

Celebration Church of Jacksonville provided ShayCore with the opportunity to build a 7,000 SF Starbucks Café addition to their newly constructed main campus.


The café design was loosely based on the Starbucks location in Times Square and features curved drywall soffits with LED lighting accented by custom mill-work and cabinetry In addition to the Batista bar, a full service bookstore provides patrons with the opportunity to purchase books, DVD’s and apparel. A state-of-the art audio/visual system supports numerous TV’s, LED lighting and an area that is wired for bands to set up and play in the second floor seating area.


The elevator is only the 2nd of its kind ever installed and provides wheelchair access to the 2nd floor without the added impediment of a machine room. The Cafe at Celebration Church main campus is a wonderful addition to the experence that is celebration church, and we at ShayCore are glad to have had the chance to build this addition



New Construction at 230 South Street

ShayCore has built an amazing new house a couple blocks from the beach. This house is fantastic new construction home. Hopefully you enjoy these pictures:

ShayCore 319 ShayCore 162 ShayCore 192 ShayCore 167

5190 Creek Crossing, New Home Construction

Another new home construction from ShayCore. This very special house is a great floor plan flawlessly executed. This is definitely one of our favorites.

162 182 222 223

239 Florida Blvd New Home

Here is a couple great photos of a new home we built 3 blocks from the beach. This is a Great house that is 2 stories, has an attached garage and an open floor plan. Check out some of the pictures.
ShayCore 025 ShayCore 328 ShayCore 038 ShayCore 075

ShayCore Adding a Cafe onto Celebrations Main Campus

ShayCore was awarded a contract to build a new cafe addition onto the Celebration Church’s main campus.  ShayCore is currently building the Cafe that should open late January. The Cafe will be a permanent connected addition to the Main campus. It will be approximately 6500 square feet and include a full Starbucks Barista Bar as well as 2 stories of seating and an elevator. The Cafe will be a wonderful enhancement to the already excellent experience that is Celebration Church’s main campus. It is truly a pleasure to build such a project. We will post pictures when as the Cafe is completed.

New Year, New Logo, New Office Decorations

2012 was a great year for Shaycore. We received both local and national recognition for growth and excellence in leadership. It was a honor to be listed with some of the best companies in Jacksonville, and the entire Nation. This time of year is great to look back, but we are more interested in looking forward.

IMG_3848As we look forward on 2013 and beyond, changes have been made. The office is now decorated with our new more modern logo.  Keeping our colors the same, we changed the logo stylistically to show a modern and forward thinking company. Also, we just love it. Next we got some of our favorite job photos printed up and framed around the office. They are a great reminder of the great things that we have accomplished. Also they show the standard that we have set for ourselves.

This space is now a great place to continue moving forward and improving as a company. Our New Year will be happy, and we all hope yours will be the same.

Happy New Year!Untitled-1

Cafe Addition to Celebration Church St Johns.

ShayCore added on a new cafe and a couple classrooms for the Celebration Church in St. Johns County.

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